2015 Annual Seminar of the Southern African Chapter of the Association for Information Systems


2015 Annual Seminar of the Southern African Chapter of the Association for Information Systems


The theme of the seminar will be “A Better World with IS: Research Methods and Opportunities”.

The seminar will focus on aligning opportunities for research that can make a real difference to the future of humanity with research approaches in Information Systems. Professor Cathy Urquhart from Manchester Metropolitan University will keynote the seminar on the topic of “Using Grounded Theory for ICT4D: A Missed Opportunity?”


The purpose of the seminar is to focus on the latest research discourses around methodology and how these methods can be used to address gaps in ICT4D research and research that focuses on making a better world in general. The aim is to stimulate debate on IS research and theory, and to create and strengthen networks between Southern Africans and international scholars.


The keynote session will be followed by a discussion of ICT4D in the Southern African context in order to set the background to the problem area and why there may be a need for a greater range of methods to address these issues. There will then be a discussion of the applicability of different methods to ICT4D research and to research for making a better world in general, followed by a panel discussion addressing the way forward to advance ICT4D and social research.

The AISSAC Seminar will then join the ICT4D workshop for the afternoon session with the aim of building a stronger ICT4D community and developing more focused objectives that will drive this community’s research and practices.


Enhanced knowledge of how current discourses around research methods can be applied to making a difference to humanity. An improved agenda for research into making a better world with ICT4D


Dr Emma Coleman, Information Systems Division, Wits