Conference with a Conscience

The SAICSIT 2015 Organising Committee has selected Home from Home to partner with for the 2015 Conference with a Conscience. Every year, SAICSIT highlights a worthy cause to promote and to get involved with.

We will host a charity auction throughout the conference, culminating at the Conference Dinner to raise funds for Home from Home. If you wish to sponsor lots for the auction, please e-mail us at info {at} saicsit2015 {dot} org.

About Home from Home

Home from Home Logo

Home from Home (HFH) provides supported and supervised community-based foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children through a network of small, family homes in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. We believe that living in a small family unit with a dedicated foster mother or parents and no more than six children, is the next best place for children who can’t be cared for by their own biological families. Our children grow up in their home communities and culture, where their home language is spoken. They have a foster family to support and care for them and we hope that one day they will either be reunited with their biological families, or failing that, that we have provided them with the necessary grounding to lead happy, successful lives.

Home from Home was set up in 2005 by Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper, who had worked in children’s homes for many years and had realized that large, institutionalised children’s homes weren’t the best long term places for children in need to grow up. This coupled with South Africa’s landscape of unemployment, poverty and HIV/Aids which has resulted in the increase in the number of orphaned and vulnerable children in the country, led to the development of the Home from Home model of care.

The majority of our homes are run alongside a community associate, which is either a local community or faith based organisation, who we work with in the set up and running of our homes. These associations ensure community based support for the HFH project, and through working with our associates we are able to empower them to care for their own children in need, whilst ensuring that the expertise and resources required to care for the children at the necessary standards is provided to them by HFH.

At present we have the capacity to care for up to 196 children in our 32 homes which are located across fifteen disadvantaged communities. Further homes are planned for opening this year, replicating our proven model of care.

Home from Home is a registered Child Protection Agency & Cluster Foster Care Scheme, Trust, Nonprofit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation, which releases an Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements at the close of each year.

For more information, and to get involved, please visit
To make a direct donation, please do so on the GivenGain website.